Orthodontics is a speciality within dentistry, that deals with the study and treatment

of malocclusions (improper bites), which may be a result of tooth iregularity,disproportionate

jaw relationships, or both. The word derives from the Greek words "ortho", meaning straight,

and "odont", meaning tooth.


Orthodontics is the science of moving living teeth in living tissue, bringing irregular, improperly placed teeth back into correct positions intended by nature. It is commonly called "straightening teeth".

There are many causes for misaligned teeth (malocclusion). You may have inherited from one parent a jaw too small to accommodate the large teeth inherited from the other parent. Teeth might then become crowded or overlapped. Other malocclusions may be due to early loss of a tooth, bad lip and tongue habits, birth development or accidents.

Can you tell if you need treatment?

Crowded unevenly spaced, protruding/rotated teeth, mouth breathing or bleeding gums are

signs that help is possibly needed.

If your teeth do not fit together properly when your mouth is closed, or if any of the lower teeth bite outside the upper teeth, orthodontics is needed. Also, if front teeth do not chew properly…if lips don't come together normally, if the mouth is usually open…or if you breath through the mouth, all of these conditions usually indicate the need for treatment.

If you are self-conscious about having prominent teeth or too much space between teeth, corrective treatment should be considered. In every case, your orthodontist's opinion should

guide you in your decision to undergo orthodontic care.

What can orthodontics do for you?

Orthodontic treatment offers the opportunity for the best look today and in the future. It will enable you to go into every situation with the "best face forward".



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